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Why this blog?

I believe healthy habits start with Mom, Dad or whoever does the majority of food prep; cooking, grocery shopping and general decision-making that affects the health of the family.

We as Americans are an unhealthy nation through no fault but our own. We work too many hours, drink too much caffeine, and don’t exercise enough; which results in a constant fight with our body instead of a relationship where we take care of our body so it can take care of us. We allow farmers to spray our fruits and vegetables with pesticides and inject the animals we consume with hormones and antibiotics. Everything else we eat is convenience food filled with preservatives, refined sugars, excess salt and artificial colors. But it doesn’t stop there. We send our kids to school with processed packaged lunches or worse yet, let them buy the unhealthy school foods, and eat at fast food restaurants. Outside of dietary concerns, we allow doctors to immunize our babies 24 or more times in the first year of life, take antibiotics or other medications to speed up our recovery time to go back to work sooner and so on. Then, we wonder why there is more cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autism and food allergies! Well, I think it’s time to put a stop to all the unhealthy habits and it all starts with you!

A few days ago I was very disturbed while shopping online when I noticed that both Old Navy and Gap sold clothes in ‘Husky’ sizes for kids! These clothing companies are saying it is ok to be FAT because we will make clothes for you in your age group so it is easy for your child to dress like his friends. Instead let’s teach those to eat better and be more active. Jamie Oliver, the founder of Food Revolution to reform US school lunches, said the estimated life expectancy for our children’s generation is now much shorter, so much so that theoretically we may actually outlive our own children!

I’m passionate about the nutrition and health of our children. I’ll be posting information I’ve learned from research and experience during the 5 years I’ve been a mom that I feel is vital information to maintaining good health. I’ll post recipes and reviews, along with health tips and holistic ideas. Our family has begun the journey to good health, and I’ll be documenting our experiences for you here. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have as you pursue a healthy lifestyle for you and/or your family.

I truly hope you’ll find some things here to inspire and support you on your journey to good health and feeling great!


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