My Story

My life’s passions are family, nutrition and health. I began this journey towards a healthier lifestyle when I became a mom 5 and ½ years ago. I had always eaten fairly healthy and worked out regularly, but when I had kids I realized how important it was to truly eat well. I came to the realization that I’m not just putting this food in my body, but my whole family, so I’d better do my best.

Growing up in my family was the foundation of my healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, we maintained a healthier version of the standard American diet. Most snacks were healthy, and we hardly ever had sodas. I remember my favorite meal was my mom’s fettuccini alfredo, likely one of the more unhealthy of her meals, but memorably the most delicious treat, which my sister and I would request for our birthday meals and other special occasions. We were allowed a small portion of ice cream after dinner most nights but we had our vegetables every night and some salads too. Regardless, I suffered miserable seasonal sinus allergies and asthma in my younger years. I had terrible sinus attacks and infections. I received allergy shots, allergy medicines and steroids and inhalers – everything you could think of and noticed only slight improvement. As I grew older, I decided that when I had children, I would have to make a pre-emptive strike to assure they wouldn’t suffer with these conditions as well.

My firstborn, a son, was born premature and had to stay in NICU for seven days because of pneumonia in his right lung. He started off life a little tougher than I was hoping on oxygen, IVs, x-rays and antibiotics. On the other hand, my daughter was born 2 years later in a birthing center right on her due date and has been remarkably healthy (knock on wood). She has not ever been vaccinated and only received antibiotics a two times in her life.

When my son started developing sinus allergies at a mere 6 months of age, I began reading book after book on nutrition and how to raise a healthy family. The only thing the pediatrician would do is give us other medicines to try. Then, I met a holistic practioner by fate one day in 2005 and she launched my interest in living a holistic lifestyle. She founded her practice after her son was diagnosed with autism. After hearing her story and reading books on the subject, she recommended that I consult with her for my allergies. I almost immediately found some relief with the remedies she recommended, and even lost those last few pounds of my baby weight from when my son was born. I decided at that time not to have my son vaccinated any longer and to take a more holistic approach when he started having any symptoms. Now, he sees another holistic practitioner where we live when needed. She has helped in clearing his severe eczema and lessened his sinus allergies.

Now, I believe that maintaining a healthy eating regimen, and using herbal or homeopathic remedies with the help of holistic practitioners, you can get through any cold or flu.

As for feeding my family, I’m not a wonder-mom that cooks 3 times a day, 7 days a week or completely deprives my family of yummy treats. I’m realistic and aim for a good balance. I buy organic fruits and vegetables and any other items I can find organic. I only use whole grains and have cut out all white sugar. I try to plan my meals monthly and introduce one new recipe and one new vegetable every few weeks.

I’m still on the journey towards creating a healthy lifestyle for my family and becoming the best holistic mom I can be. I have my goals and I hope you do too. Join me in my journey to good eating and good health. I hope you enjoy!


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