Happy Blending

Happy Birthday to me!  I got a new BlendTec blender.  Those of you that do not know it is THE Rolls Royce of all blenders!  They are used in restaurants, coffee shops, smoothie shops and more.  I first was interested in blenders about 1 ½ or so ago when I started making green smoothies.  I had been making my green smoothies in the Magic Bullet or whatever blender I had around and they were fine but I had only dreamed of how smooth and creamy the ones were made in the BlendTec or Vitamix (the closest competition).  My dream finally came true – yeah!  A week or two before my birthday Whole Foods was demonstrating the VitaMix and CostCo was demonstrating the BlendTec.   Was that I sign to be my birthday gift or what?

I have had it about a week and have used it 30 times – how do I know?  Because it keeps track of it!  I’ve made my daily green smoothies, hummus, pesto and banana ice cream.  I have not done any juices, soups, nut butters or ground any grains yet.   I’m still trying to figure out the settings although they have 6 presets sometimes I like to play around with it and you kind of have to figure out how much water or liquid to add but so far I’m thrilled.

Here is one of our latest smoothie recipes:

1 banana
1 organic pear
1 handful organic frozen peaches
4 leafs of organic kale
4 oz water

Funny thing is everytime I run the blender Daniel runs out and says did what did you make mom?  Is it a smoothie?  He loves his smoothies and Sadie does most of the time and the great thing is you start the day off with your greens and you feel great. Try it and call it ‘Shrek Juice’ for the kids.

P.S. http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com uses BlendTec too!

P.P.S. Sorry it has been awhile.. I’ve been volunteering, working with Dan, being a soccer mom, dealing with allergy kids and dog, visiting families with new babies and trying to stay sane with a little exercise through in there!


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